December 15th – Christmas Treats & Sweets

Hi there!

I’m sorry for my two days away. I have been out and about, doing stuff and keeping busy. You know….it’s the season to be occupied.

Today though, I’m here, and I’ll give you a lovely post on different kinds of Christmas treats that you can make (and perhaps give away) for Christmas.


Making a delicious sweet can be super simple: dip candycanes in chocolates and let them set for a few minutes. It’s so yummy to put these in your coffe / hot chocolate for an extra tingy taste. Mmmm…

I love fudge (but my teeth don’t) :) These clever pieces of Christmas fudge are made with cookie cutters to get a seasonal shape. They are also beautifulle decorated!

Photography by Annie, With Sprinkles on Top

I can’t imagine anyone NOT liking these super sweet cupcakes! How clever to decorate them into small raindeers. These would look fantastic on the children’s table after Christmas dinner.

Daisy’s World made these adorable Santa Hat Brownies from Sweet Tooths recipie. I am dying to bring out a platter of these brownie pieces this Christmas for my friends and family.


Now go on and start cooking/baking/doing magic! I know I will try to make some of these this upcoming weekend.

Love ♥

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